Whitewater Rafting

Raft Class III - V Witewater Rapids on the Upper Yough!


Discover the thrill of rafting adventures with an experienced river guide from Upper Yough Expeditions in Friendsville, Maryland.



  • Class V
  • Age 16+
  • Previous Rafting Required
  • Fully Guided
  • Dam Release: Fri, Sat, Mon
  • Small rafts of 1-3 guests plus guide
  • 5-hour trip

How to Prepare

Upper Yough trips have a meeting time of 11am (April, May, September, and October) or 12pm (June, July, and August).  There is no need to arrive early. It is recommended that fuel up with a hearty breakfast or early lunch before your trip as there will be no food stops on the river run.   Most trips are provided with amazing pepperoni rolls (a local tradition) and drinks after the trip. (Occasionally, the Café is closed, and we are stuck with only drinks). Upper Yough Expeditions does not take photos of the trips, but there is usually a freelance photographer who does, and they are generally available in the park after trips to show and sell photos.  Tipping of your guide is customary and appreciated if you feel they showed you a quality and memorable day on the river. Cash is appreciated, but tips can be tacked onto your bill.

  • What To Expect
  • Dress to get wet! Wear whatever you are comfortable getting wet in and whatever is suitable for the weather of the day. In the spring when temps are cool, we have wetsuits available to rent ($10, cash only). You should plan to wear a bathing suit or synthetic layer under the wetsuit. It comes with a heavy, coated nylon paddle jacket to keep your core warm. For spring and summer, you want to avoid wearing any cotton for your rafting adventure. It is best to stick to all synthetic/sport materials, such as UnderArmor. Everyone will need to have shoes that you can wear on the river. Old sneakers, sport sandals, or well fitting water shoes are your best option. Sunscreen is recommended on sunny days. Don’t forget dry clothes and a towel for after the trip.

  • Trip Requirements
  • Due to the extreme and continuous nature of the rapids, this trip demands a total team effort and is not recommended for the light-hearted. Participants who wish to challenge the Upper Yough should expect to paddle hard and therefore, should be in good physical shape. Inactive, out-of-shape people who cannot pull their weight will not be permitted to raft the Upper Yough.  No one under the influence of alcohol or abusing drugs will be permitted to raft the Upper Yough. You must be 16 years of age or older and must be accompanied by an adult if under 18 years of age. Previous rafting experience is required.  This is a half-day trip, and we provide all needed equipment with a guide and wetsuits are available to rent.

  • Safety First
  • Safety is the most important aspect of rafting with an experienced outfitter. As pioneers of commercial rafting on the Upper Yough, we strive to offer you the safest, most exciting trip possible. However, a good white water river has inherent dangers. To make people aware of this, we require all rafters to sign a liability release form before each trip. A copy of this release is available upon request.  The Upper Yough is very remote river and as such, does not allow easy access by emergency personnel.  Be aware that you will be in a remote wilderness location and access to medical help will not necessarily be available.  As with any white water trip, we reserve the right to switch the crafts we are using and the rivers we are rafting, according to the water levels.

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